Focusing on the Customer Experience

We’re in the business of changing the industry by placing our focus on the customer experience. We’ll arrive on time to assess your needs and find the right solution for the job at hand. Our crews are the best around, and they won’t stop until your job is done correctly, professionally, and to the highest industry standards.

As Reba, one of our demo customers, says:

“This is the company you would want to call on for any needs you have. They tackle multiple services. Just wow!”

If you need to grade, dig, push, haul, prep or demo it, you can count on us to do it right the first time.

Portage, Mich., Tornado Cleanup with Team Rubicon

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General Excavating Services

Full-Service Site Prep

We offer full-service site prep during the excavation phase of building and construction projects.


We level the area for the building, parking area, and driveway and dig for a basement or crawl space if needed. Our laser-leveled pads create a solid and long-lasting foundation for your building, storage shed, play set, or drive. We install retention ponds and reconfigure slopes and ditches to contain and control water.


We bring in fresh materials to ensure there won’t be any surprises in the future. This includes all fill material needed for the building site and stone for parking areas and driveways.


The compaction of fill material ensures everything is compressed and stable. Fill is compacted in 6-inch lifts to avoid settling after the site is on grade.

Site Material

There are several different options for bases on pole barns and steel buildings. One we commonly use is the 22A Gravel Finish. This is a mix of clay, sand, and gravel, and it makes for a very stable base.

Septic Systems

If you have restrooms in the building but aren’t connected to the city sewer system, we will install a septic system. If your building needs to be connected to city sewer, we do those connections as well.


Trenching is used to channel water away from the building and other structures.

Final Grade

When your building is finished and you don’t want your property to look like a worksite anymore, we give it a final grade. We bring back the topsoil and level everything off.

Soil Conditioning

If necessary, we can prep your topsoil for grass seed. This puts a precise and fine finish on all disturbed areas.


We are Proud to be Veteran-Owned and Managed

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Kalamazoo Excavation is veteran-owned and veteran-managed. We hire veterans or active duty service members for our crews whenever possible. As a result, our customers receive the highest level of care and professionalism from a reliable, hardworking, and results-oriented team rich with unique experiences.

Call us if you’re looking for a positive experience with a crew you can count on to do it right the first time.