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Whenever it’s time to start something new you need to decide what to do with the old, and quite often the best solution is complete demolition and removal of the previous structure, tank, etc…

Demolition of Structures

We LOVE to knock stuff down! Do you have a house or garage that needs to be removed? Call us to get an estimate for our demolition services.

Demolition of Concrete and Other Misc. Objects

Quite often there are concrete pads that are eyesores or something that just needs to be moved out of the way and the ground prepared for something new here are few of the items we regularly remove for the premises

We are Proud to be Veteran-Owned and Managed

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Kalamazoo Excavation is veteran-owned and veteran-managed. We hire veterans or active duty service members for our crews whenever possible. As a result, our customers receive the highest level of care and professionalism from a reliable, hardworking, and results-oriented team rich with unique experiences.

Call us if you’re looking for a positive experience with a crew you can count on to do it right the first time.